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Our shipping department staff is comprised of experienced industry veterans. They all have extensive knowledge of the various rules, regulations and quality requirements for each foreign market supplied. Our arrival record is second to none in all markets served.


Quality Control

All loads are thoroughly inspected and sampled prior to shipping as a final check ensuring only the finest quality product is destined for our furthest markets.



All fruit destined has all necessary certification. Each processing step, from order booking to shipping, is aware of the requirements to deliver product successfully and without delay.



In order to provide high quality and safe fruits to our customers, our priority is to:


Store our produce in temperature-controlled atmospheres to maintain both quality and freshness;


maintain the cold chain from storage;


Pack our fruit in a clean and healthy environment;


Train our supervisors, managers and production staff on the latest techniques on Food Safety and Food Handling;


Move shipping containers carefully;


Group varieties for maximum shelf life;

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